Poetry to God
Terry Webb   PoetrytoGod.org   

To my father God:

I thank you my Heavenly Father, For keeping me focused and giving

me strengh to follow my dreams as a poet/ writer.

I thank you for your spirit and character showing me the way.

I am forever grateful.

I am grateful for my imagination. I will be open to having

faith in all possibilities.

I am grateful being a part of your creation and being chosen

to write your books  "POETRY TO GOD" Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4





Throughout my life, I've stored information collected from experiences and try in some way to make sense of it. When I am not able to fully understand the things that occur in my life, I take time to process the information. By doing this, I am afforded a different perspective, thus allowing me to think more clearly about difficult or perplexing events and emotions, Poetry is a way in which I choose to externalize my thoughts. Poetry is a very powerful tool by which I can share somtimes confusing, somtimes perfectly clear concepts and feelings with others. All I simply want is to share in poetic form, something that has touched my life in some way to others. Some of my poems may speak to the hearts of certain readers more than others, but keep in mind that each poem is my voice, of my mind that needs to make sense of this world, of my heart that feels the effects of every moment in this life, of my heart striving to have a closer walk with GOD.



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I cannot keep myself alive,
My life is now at end,
According to Your mercy, Lord,
Remember not my sin.
Hear my prayer, I beg of Thee,
Give ear unto my cry,
My soul shall make it’s boast in You,
“O” Lord, don’t pass me by.
For your blood has washed away my sins,
To save my soul alive,
And I’ve washed my hands in innocence
My soul, Dear Lord, revive!
My life on earth is close at end,
Yes, death is gravely near,
Like water, my life is poured, “O” Lord,
Yet death I do not fear.
Into Thine hands I give my soul,
To judge, and then set free,
Into Thine hands, my soul command,
To live eternally!

Blessed be the Lord my God-
He lives and grants me breath,
Though on the cross was crucifi ed-
My Lord, He conquered death,
He took the keys of death and hades-
Then sat down at the throne,
Then stretched His loving hands outward-
To call the lost His own.
With nail scarred hands, He does extend-
Remission for all sin,
Behold, He’s standing at your door-
Repent and let Him in.
There’s Victory for you over death-
Over sin, and all it’s shame,
The Lord He lives and you will live-
By the power of His name…

We cannot control the wind that blows
But we can control our way,
Our lives are like a ship at sea
On a stormy gloomy day.
Trials will come unto us all
We will face them day by day,
God only ask that we trust in Him
To guide and lead our way.
We should not ask the Lord “Oh why’
Some trials would come our way,
But only look beyond the cloudy sky
Unto the brighter day.

I will praise you with my whole heart
To you my Lord will I sing
I have fi xed my heart with songs and praise
To You my Lord and King
Your works are honorable and glorious
All things belong to you
Blessed is he the Lord my God
whom made the Heavens too
Lord, I see your power and glory
All throughout each day
So I lift my voice and praise your name
To you I only pray
Your loving grace is upon my head
Shining ever bright
Upon my head and in my heart
Shining is your light
I’ll always praise Your name my Lord
Blessed God above
My love will always be for you
You giveth me Your love

Early in the morning time
We should seek our Savior’s face,
To praise Him and to thank Him
For showing us His grace.
Through Him we found Salvation
Which means so much to me,
Blessed is His Holy name
Which sets the captive free.
Freely give your hearts devotion
Lift up God’s Holy name,
Worship Him today and tomorrow
His name always proclaim.
Your worship, praise and adoration
To God, these things are due,
For He alone is worthy of all
Praise that comes from you.
We should praise the Lord for his grace
And praise him for his giving,
Praise him for the life he gave
Sacrafi ced for all the living.
Seek and you will fi nd his love
Ask and he will give,
Knock and doors will be opened to you
Abundantly you shall live.

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