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 About my latest book's of, "Poetry to God"

‘Poetry to God, Volume 1’ celebrates God’s role in battle with addiction

LOS ANGELES – Poet Terry Webb kicks off a new marketing campaign for his collection of devotional poetry, “Poetry to God, Volume 1” is the first in a four-volume set of poetry anthologies, dedicated to God’s unwavering love and support. This first volume serves as a testimony to the redemptive nature of faith.


Webb struggled with addiction for many years before he fully committed himself to God and accepted Jesus into his heart. Through his most challenging struggles, Webb retained his faith in God, and his faith restored what had been lost to his addiction. His poem, “You’re Never Alone,” recounts God’s assurance of care and protection in even the most difficult of circumstances.


An excerpt from “You’re Never Alone” featured in “Poetry to God, Volume 1”:

You never cry alone, my child,For when you cry, I do, My child, I always share your pain, My heart goes out to you. Although this life may bring you pain, My child, just trust in me, And if you will obey my word, I'll give you victory!
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 Let "Poetry to God" move your heart and soul, and draw you closer to the Lord!